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    Sigma's big announcements

    50-100 f/1.8 Art lens, and 30mm f/1.4 Contemporary lens
    Canon/Sigma to Sony mount converter
    New Sigma EF-630 Flash

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    Two new Sigma mirrorless cameras
    What are you most excited about? I personally am very interested in the Canon/Sigma to Sony mount converter. I've been looking at going full frame, but many of the Canon/Nikon options are still very expensive, even used. The Sony A7 though is at an affordable price used.Of course I'll have to factor in the extra $250 for the adapter, but that still comes in under many other full frame options.

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    The 50-100 f1.8 lens is pretty cool to me, but I have the 50-150 f2.8 OS which is also fantastic. I personally don't see a need for the 50-100 with what I've got. I'm sure others can be excited for this. It's another great APS-C lens that will help you better achieve what full frame sensors can do. As for the 30mm lens, well, that's cool I guess. An f1.4 lens doesn't hit that low of a price point often.

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    The mirrorless cameras are somewhat interesting to me. I'm waiting to see what ridiculous price tag is going to be attached to these. Just look at their current DSLR. I have a feeling that their APS-C lenses won't work with the APS-H camera.

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    Well, the adaptor is cool, but it is limited to AF-S, and DMF with only some lenses. No AF-S, no AF-A, lock-on AF (that they’ve mentioned), Eye-AF etc. All those are pretty big and hopefully Sigma can get those working with their adaptor soon.
    I like the 30f1.4. I do wish it was a 24 tho. I’m craving a good, cheap native 24mm lens that opens wide.

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