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    Following an issue with my last monitor, a AMVA S2440L I'm in a market for a new monitor, and I'm planning to go bigger and better !

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    What the best affordable monitor ? Is 4K worth it ?

    So I've been looking around the best monitor list around, and I didn't see any 4K monitor recommended. And naturally I though to myself, where could I find more pertinent information ? Well in the den of geeks of course !

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    So there I am with some general questions :

    • Do you think the new affordable 4K monitor (sub 800$) are too recent, or not good enough to make those list?
    • Would you recommend to go 4K, or just save some buck and buy 1440p?
    • I want bigger, but is 30-32" worth it or should I just go for a traditional 27" ?
    • Is 3D worth it ?
    • Is there such a thing as an affordable OLED monitor ?
    • And obviously, which monitor would you recommend ?

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    ps: I'm in Europe so I can't buy any US only brand, I'm mostly watching movies/tv series (so good contrast i.e. MVA is very important to me) and gaming (so input lag, etc. also matter), I tend to like glossy screen better, and if it's edge-to-edge it's always a plus

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    Have a look at the Dell U3415W. The LG 34UM95-P is a little cheaper but has worse colors and isn’t curved.
    I wouldn’t recommend 4K right now in this price range, because most monitors use TN-panels and don’t support 60Hz.

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