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    Anyone using Beats music streaming service?

    Just curious as my spotify subscription recently ran out, and wondered what people's experience with the Beats service both on mobile/desktop was. If it's worth a switch in the future.

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    It looks like Spotify, but with situational music?
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    The app is a piece of shit. It looks nice on the surface, but then you actually use it and realize you’re like 5 layers deep and the only way to access the menu is if you abandon the page you’re on. It’s crashed several times if I skip too many songs in a row. If you save a playlist to your device, it saves the songs to your device as part of your library—great, makes sense; but if you’re in offline mode (which itself is ridiculous, because you have to manually engage it and manually disable it), then the songs are suddenly not part of your library so you have to access them via the playlist. You can only seek forward or backward in a track in some modes, so for example in "play the sentence" mode you either listen to the whole song or you skip the whole song, there’s no track seeking; but other times you can track seek, for example if you’re just listening to a song or a song within a playlist. I’m sure there are dozens if not hundreds of shitty UI failures that I’ve forgotten or have failed to encounter yet.

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    As for the philosophy behind Beats Music, I can see why one of the biggest names in music considered it the only attempt to get it right. It boggles my mind that it’s considered revolutionary that you might want to listen to music based on the mood you’re in, regardless of the genre. Everyone’s had a "pumped up" mix, with songs from a variety of genres, where all the songs made you feel pumped up. Well literally every music service can’t fathom that, and so they force you to listen to music based on an official, ticky tacky boxed up genre. So if you like "Human" by "The Killers", the service has absolutely no understanding of the fact that it’s an upbeat electronic song, and it assumes you like depressing emo rock music because that’s the official box they’ve thrown "The Killers" into. Or if you like "Gold" by "Macklemore" because it feels like you’ve had the best day of your god damned life, the service will throw gangster rap at you regardless of the fact that "Gold" is about feeling on top of the world and has nothing to do with gangster rap, because "gangster rap" is the official ticky tacky box they’ve thrown Macklemore into.

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    So Beats gets it—people want to hear music based on the mood their in, not based on some official genre. I want to hear upbeat music, and I can point to some rap songs that do that well—but that doesn’t mean I want to hear only rap, and chances are I’m desperate to hear good-sounding rap music that for once would have nothing to do with drugs and violence. But Beats fails at the one thing it tries to do well. Despite being forced to develop my official ticky tacky personality based on official ticky tacky genres and big name mainstream artists in the beginning, and despite liking some of my favorite songs of all time and hating as many songs as I could possibly think of, it still has no clue that I mainly want to hear upbeat music of all genres having nothing to do with drugs and violence. It thinks I’m into weird depressing indie emo rock and gangster rap, and it couldn’t be more wrong.

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