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    Now that Google Reader is gone, what do?

    I realize that I'm about 2 years behind on this, but that is sort of the problem. I used to use Google Reader obsessively. In fact, it stayed in the Chrome window I keep with the constantly open tabs (Gmail, Calendar, Music, Facebook, and Reader...). That's a pretty high distinction considering how click and close happy I can get in my browsing. Since shutting down the service, I've sort of been just casually drifting at sea. I have maybe 2 blog/news sites I check regularly now, and tend to just rely on Google News and links on Reddit to absorb my daily dose of internet info.

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    I've discovered a couple of blogs and sites in the past few months that I've really wanted to save. So, without any modicum of consistency, I've saved these sites between bookmarks, email notification, Evernote lists, etc. This decentralized form of daily reading is starting to really weigh on me. I use Readability, but that tends to only happen on the rare occasion that I stumble upon an article and have to take a poop simultaneously.

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    So, to end the absurdity with which I've decided to explain the backstory, is there anyone here who used to be an avid Google Reader user, that now uses a system of equal or greater prowess?

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    Feedly seems to be where everyone moved to once Google Reader shut down, you might want to take a look at it.

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    I’m now extremely glad Google Reader was retired, which forced me to try Feedly. It’s much better than Google Reader ever was.

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