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Hello guys this picture used to have a white background , using paint I did what I could to make the background black , but need someone to help me eliminate the white edges around the picture . Many thanks :) If someone who is able to do it could pm me there email so I can send the image I would very much appreciate it .

the image : http://imgur.com/5oGbl6X

Hello apexshay,

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On isolating that image..
In Paintdotnet you can use the magic wand to select all of the background globally and then invert your selection ctrl+I press ctrl+c and it will be copied to your clipboard.
Open a new layer and press ctrl+v and you should have it.

it can be done manually in paint (microsoft paint) but it would be a lot of work to click and eliminate each pixel. after that you would still potentially get image compression in paint that would lead to nasty blurring round the edges. GIMP could be used, import the image and put a black plain layer behind it. then set the white to an alpha channel so the black shows through. adjust the sensitivity of the alpha channel until all the annoying bits are gone.