View Full Version : Running Design Business on Publisher!

This may sound like a joke, but it's absolutely not!

Basically, I came across a middle-aged man today (I won't mention names for obvious reasons!) who runs quite a succesful small design and print business.
Thats not the joke.
This is. The only software he uses are: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher for design! :icon_eek:

Now I'm not sure if he was taking the p***, but when I saw his work, I could see it was amateurish, with lots of cutting/pasting and clip art...but he seems to be doing so well! Is it just good marketing or something? I mean he doesn't even have a website!

Anyway I'll go away now and continue to wonder.
I guess, at least it gives me some kind of hope if someone else is running a design business on Publisher.

He will be cheap. . .

Cheap and nasty work will only get you cheap and nasty clients so it is no loss to the "real" designers out there!

Not that my work is great, but seriously, this guys work is really poor. It must be cheap pricing or something why he's so busy. If I manage to get hold of something I'll post it (hiding obvious info on it of course)....I've become a bit of a scrooge myself, but if he wanted to save on software he could always download free stuff. Either its that or he can't be bothered to move on with the times.

I think if you want to take yourself seriously then you have to buy serious applications. The fact that most of his work would struggle to get printed to a high standard says it all really.