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I've been using my iPad 2 since it was released and is indispensable for work but falls massively short in helping me organise my day. What I want is an integrated app/workflow for:

Note taking (meetings, etc; requiring individual notebooks/folders/groups [preferably hierarchal], keyboard input, drawing and images)
Task Manager/Lists/Reminders (chores, email this, etc; requiring reminders)
Appointments/Calendar/Birthdays (syncing from iCal (if possible?) would be fine)
Diary/Journal (documenting what I've actually done, etc; requiring passcode/word locking separate from the other content) - this is personally very important to me for health reasons, but I now hate paper and don't want to micromanage it.

On top of these tasks, a truly universal journal/note taker needs the following:

iCloud Syncing - Across iPad, iPhone and Mac Store App (+ Windows alternative)
Universal Search - Ability to search across reminders, notes, tasks and journal entries. Obviously locked journals/notes would have to be searched internally
iOS and Mac-wide (+Windows) Notifications
Exportable Data - Trapping this kind of data is beyond annoying. Clearly it's a difficult problem to solve as notes and calendars/appointments lend themselves to very different files types etc but there must be a solution.

There are probably other important features/workflows that would be important, but this is my short list. An enterprise-level suite capable of sharing calendars with invitations and attached notes isn't what I'm after, and I think would (rightly) cost a premium!
The stock iOS apps allow for a very disjointed attempt to organise your life; Reminders is far too simplistic and does not tie into the Notes or Calendar app, the Notes app is immediately replaced after purchase by nearly everyone, and the calendar app is incapable of working as an effective journal.
There are some pretty good free apps that provide good alternatives to Reminders, Notes & Calendar individually - but they are not interpolative and typically trap data.
Has anybody successfully developed a workflow for this level of time management and journalist or found a useful app?
Thanks for reading

I feel your pain. I’ve purchased way too many apps in search of the perfect replacement for my old daytimer.
Pocket informant comes close, but no cigar. No ability to take notes and a cludgy interface.
Daily Notes +Todo also comes close, but no calendar integration and it hasn’t been updated in almost a year.
I have needed up using a mash up of stuff. Not ideal, but it works. Here is what I use:
For calendar – the stock one. I was a HUGE fan of Calendar HD, but they pulled it.
Tasks – Todo by appigo. I used Toodeldo sync for ages but iCloud sync just works and a good app for Mac. No windows app but the cloud app is sufficient.
Notes – Noteshelf and Goodnote are both pretty good with Goodnote edging out Noteshelf slightly.
I do use an exchange server and actually, the most used productivity app I use is Notifyme. It’s a reminder app that has an autosnooze reminder feature that lets me ignore things a bit until it annoys the hell out of me :)
I’d seriously pay $50+ for an app that I could make my virtual office on my iPad.

Pocket Informant is damned expensive!
Cheers for the reply, Daily Notes is the app which made me write this post – I almost clicked to buy but realised it wouldn’t let me live the dream.
I’ll check a few of the free versions of what you suggest as a stop gap.
$50 is higher than I want to spend! But looking at the price of some of the half good stuff I should expect to pay around 25…

I don’t use this, but it sounds very close to your needs/wants:

Agreed, Day One is pretty close to what you want. A fantastic app!