View Full Version : Success of CodeYear?

So, 2012 has been declared the year for programming by codeyear (http://www.codeyear.com). They launched a campaign over the new years break that is aiming to get people to learn to code in 2012. The idea is that you sign up to a mailing list and each week you will be emailed an interactive programming lesson that will gradually improve your skills.
By promoting this as a "new years resolution" they have managed to get over 150,000 people to sign up to the mailing list. This may sound impressive, especially when you consider that basically all of the promotion has been done through twitter. However I think that it will suffer from a high dropout rate pretty quickly as a lot of people realise that they're too lazy to go through with it.
Despite this I can see this project doing well for three reasons:

It's free. Nobody can complain when something is free.
It's easy to sign up. All that is required is your email address.
There is nothing to do on the users end of things. All they have to do is learn.

I'm very interested to find out what you all think about this,

It’s a very cool project, I might go and sign up. However, I agree that there will be a high drop out rate.

I’m very happy that it’s being done. The world has a distinct lack of knowledgable progammers.

I signed up, and have already realized that my poor memory is not conducive to learning to code :(

Oh, I like this website.