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I'd like to have version numbers in the format of Major.Minor.Patch when I update my app but it seems like the following entry in build.settings gets ignored or overwritten by the "Version" field in the build dialog:

android =
versionName = "1.0.1"

Even though the docs say the Version field in the build dialog "determines the version number displayed to the end user, also known as android:versionName", we still can't enter decimal/string values.

Any ideas how to get the version to be Major.Minor.Patch or just Major.Minor? I tried the following in the build dialog but still nothing:

101 (hoping to be 1.0.1): when uploading to the android market the version stays exactly like that.

11 (hoping to be 1.1): same thing, android market says the version is 11.

We haven't yet gotten this quite right and have outstanding work items (#4837, 4883) on this.

Currently the versionName is set from the build dialog and can only be an integer. If you need to update your version 1 app in the market but you don't want to make it version 2, as a workaround you can give it a revised versionCode in the build.settings file and use that as a minor version, e.g. versionCode = "2".

You can find the details near the end of this link (Version Code):

I have published one app with versionCode=2 in the build settings file. Now I want to update this app. I don't want to update the versionName because I have only updated very minor bugs. How should I do this ?

If your app is currently version 2, then you will have to update your app to version 3.

the workaround you suggested isn't really viable as I wanted the version to show up as 1.0.1 in the Android Market. And using versionCode would only modify the internal revision number, and the app would still be displayed as 1.0. (I know I'm a bit picky on this)

The temporary hacky solution I used was using apktool to make the manifest file editable again then I manually changed versionName=1.0.1, but I strongly DO NOT recommend this method to others as it can damage the final .apk file.