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The design world is littered with devices, products and styles that burn and die quickly than an X-Factor winners career. So I thought I'd do an R.I.P roll call of honour of all those things that gave laid down their lives and product usefulness in the search for better design. ( Macs...your time is coming !) Feel free to add.

1. Cow Gum
2. Rockwell Bold
3. PMT machines
4. CS10
5. Rotring pens and ink
6. Set Squares
7. Letraset sheets
8. The Magic Marker visual
9. Designers who could draw
10. Typesetters.

oh and this.....

Cow gum? wtf lol is that for cows or containing cows?

These still exist or at least I hope they do! I love my magic markers and sketching!

Cow Gum. If you were a graphic designer pre computers, then you'd use Cow Gum every single day it was an glue adhesive that had nothing to do with cows - or gum! it had lot's of other uses, as well as sticking bromides down on to backing boards. You could let it dry and roll it into balls which would have the most amazing bounce quality. It came in a big tin like golden syrup and I'm Ford Fiesta body panels could have been stuck to the chassis with this thick gunk. It was put on with a spatula like cement, and excess would be rubbed away with a little finger into a rubbery ball that would get flicked into the nearest designers ear.

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