View Full Version : Huge problem with Android storage.

Hello, my name is Tim.

I recently tried to download Fifa 16 ultimate team for android on my phone, in the last 4% of downloading the game, I got an error saying I don't have enough space in my phones storage.

The problem is, is that when I started downloading the app, I had 1,6 GB left, and at the end I only had 300MB left... And the Fifa app hadn't even installed because of the problem I stated before.
Now I'm stuck with 300mb storage and while I don't even have the App I wanted.

I've searched everywhere on my phone, even using the "Clean Master" app that I use to clean up my phone regularly. I can't seem to find the FIFA files that have taken up to 1,5GB of my storage. It's just gone, it hasn't even been fully installed yet it is taking all my precious storage that I have been cleaning up time and time again!

First, the way Android works with storage pains about 98% of the users today. While it's too late to help you avoid this, I always advise to get Android things with 1GB RAM (or more) and 8GB of main storage (or more.) Android does NOT automatically use the SD Card space. Now you know.

OK, There are many articles on finding and clearing that downloaded space. You left out if you got this via the Play Store so I'll make that assumption.

Thanks for the quick reply,

I did try to download it via Playstore, should've put that in the question.
But the problem lies within the fact that the app is not installed.
The download stopped at around 97% which means that 97% of the files for the game were already installed on my device, and took up all the space that go along with the game (97% of it)

But the app is not there, it never installed. Which means I cannot just go to the app and de-install it. I have to find the files that it installed, because it's there somewhere, I know it is. Because otherwise it wouldn't have taken up all this space on the device.

I just can't find it I've searched everywhere, and even used an app that literally has one job: Clearing your device and creating more space. But the files I mentioned (FIFA 16 UT android) are nowhere to be found, yet they are taking up 1,5GB of space.