View Full Version : Microsoft Dictatorship Rears Its Ugly Head... Again!

Since Microsoft refuses to acknowledge the complaints of its long term constituents in the venues they have set up for User feedback… I am forced to post my complaints here in hopes that they will (eventually) take notice of the reported errors in their App.

Today I was forced to upgrade my Outlook App on my Android phone from the working and fully functional version, to the new and utterly hated version 1.3.4 that has been garnering 1 Star (because we can’t use negative numbers) reviews since its Beta Testing.

The new version does not filter Junk Mail, syncs every unwanted and unneeded contact that should be filtered as Junk Mail to your phone, does not give you notifications of new emails in a timely fashion (or at all), does not sync the Calendar in your email with the Calendar in your phone, continuously crashes when you try to open and read an email, and now has an utterly confusing and useless interface mimicking that of Gmail, which is detestable…

The list of failings goes on and on, and it disgusts myself (and most of the App’s users) that Microsoft has foisted this monstrosity on us by way of blocking usage of the earlier and functional version. For both personal and business reasons I needed the functionality of the now blocked previous version of Outlook on my phone, to respond to emailed situations as they occurred, in a timely fashion. Not getting an email alert or update for days is absolutely unacceptable. Shame on you Microsoft, for again forcing your constituents to upgrade, when we know what is best for us! Listen to us! We have made the complaints needed to correct your erroneous updates to your software! Stop forcing us to migrate from something that worked perfectly well, to something that doesn’t function at all!

I am currently looking for a suitable replacement… investigating CloudMagic Email, which appears to have a long list of positive reviews, and no ads interrupting user service.

Again Microsoft… you really dropped the ball!

it's on Android now as well. Might be worth a look.