View Full Version : How do you use Blender 2.71?????

Hi, I have downloaded Blender 2.71 and watched various tutorials.

However, none of them helped me because I CANNOT find the Info Bar (which is supposed to have file menu, add menu, window menu, render menu, etc.)

I use blender 2.65, so what i know is probably relevant to you ( i assume you are new to blender). In 2.65 i haven't heard references to an "info bar" but the "file menu" is accessed by clicking on "file" in the top left corner of your screen. If the "window" (blender can be reconfigured by the user to show different elements in different parts of the screen, new "windows" can be made or joined into one ) with the "file" menu in it is not visible across the top of the screen find the little grey box displaying a picture and a pair of arrows (there is one such box within each window), click on this box and move your mouse up or down the list that has just appeared until you are highlighting an option with a blue circle containing a white i and saying "Info" next to it. this will make whatever window (3d viewer window, properties window, outliner window, timeline window) you chose the box from become an info window from which you can use the "file" and "add" menu. The "window" menu in this info window is not a very useful tool, all it does is allow fullscreen, which doesn't change much and hardly makes your workspace any bigger. The "render" menu in the info window is not the one to use either. To change render settings you fiddle with values and tock boxes in the "properties" window, to actually render hit the "f12" key (if you have a laptop with a small keyboard then you might have to press an "fn" function key along with the "f12" key). This "f12" turns the main "3d viewer" window into an image editor window and slowly loads your render as the computer rushes through the millions of calculations needed to make the 3d data into a flat photorealistic image. When you want to render an animation, ensure all your settings are correct and click the "animation" button in the "properties" window. this tutorial (skip to step 19) http://www.instructables.com/id/Sket...ice-/?ALLSTEPS (http://www.instructables.com/id/Sketchup-3D-modelling-file-conversion-and-advice-/?ALLSTEPS) coveers basics for blender, the earlier steps in the tutorial are about other programs but steps 19 and 21 give all the basics for using a slightly older version of blender than you are using. In step 19 it discusses evrything in context of importing a model from another software package, ignore that and just look at the bits about key combinations and the annotated images. all of step 21 is useful in describing the process of basic animation, once again it has useful key combinations and diagrams listed. a good forum for blender help is http://blenderartists.org/forum/ but if you have any more difficulties with any matter in blender i will be happy to do my best in answering them, it is tough to learn but it's also probably the best software you will download in your whole life.

p.s. if you have been suing blender for a few days with no success yet you might have accidentally changed the layout and tweaked the preferences, reset them to default by doing the following.

1. click on one of those little grey buttons with the little picture and two arrows in it, there should be one with a picture of a cube in the bottom left of the 3d viewer window, there is another below it in the very bottom left corner of the program showing a clock. clcik on the one showing the cube.

2. move your mouse up and down the list that is brought up and select "info" which shows a picture of a white "i" in a blue circle with a grey border.

3. click on that option, the 3d view should disappear to be replaced by plain grey with a small bar along the bottom of his new grey section. on that small bar click on "file" then move the mouse up to click on "load factory settings" (the picture next to this is a harddrive with a green left curving arrow springing from it).

4. this should reset the settings. Now close blender and reopen it to make sure.

5. then you are in a good position to look through the tutorial i have linked to, or to keep watching blendercookie videos (which can be quite helpful).

Also, be aware that Blender has a very steep learning curve, do not get discouraged!

There are some good "free" video tutorials at the link below.


And some "paid" Lynda tutorials at this link.

The thing is, I CANNOT find anything!!! Not even the little grey box with picture and pairs of arrows.
I want to show you my blender setting, but I cannot upload an image up here...