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Been using Kaspersky Internet Security from 2009. It is near perfect. Doesn’t use too many system resources too these days.

Defense in depth. No antivirus is 100% reliable. Kaspersky has a pretty good reputation, though (I’ve never used it myself). If you want to be watertight (or as close to as possible), add Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit, install ad blockers (uBlock Origin), run Chrome 64 bit, use OpenDNS as your DNS server, set UAC to its highest level, run as a standard user with a separate administrative account.
For most folks that’s overkill, though. It really depends on how paranoid you are and for what reason. If you’re sensible about what sites you visit, you’re probably OK, or you can lock things down as hard as you can. Nothing is 100%, and all these things are really a balance of hassle against security.

we used it for…maybe a decade? never had issues with it; it seemed to do it’s job just fine and the impact on the computers wasn’t too noticeable.
however, now that windows 10 rolled out, and basic computer safety habits have become ingrained (don’t open unknown emails, etc.), I just use malwarebytes free version to do an occasional scan and save the time and money kaspersky required.


Kaspersky – brought to you by the Russian FSB
I kid… I kid… http://fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f602.png