View Full Version : To users of password managers

People using Lastpass and the likes, what do you do when you need to connect your android mobile to your Google account on first boot? Also when you first log in to your Chromebook?

Type in some 64-bit long random string into the password field manually? Or do you even have access to that long random string?

In light of Heartbleed I thought of using some password manager but situations like the above made me think twice.

Just because you have a password manager does not mean you need a 64 character long string. For passwords that you may need to type in manually more often you can make them shorter. A random 16 character password should be more than enough, mostly if you change it every once in a while which is easy with lastpass. Also with the chrome extension you can go into your vault and see all of your passwords so you can type them in manually any time you need to.

Also the lastpass app for android was updated recently to allow it to autofill all your apps and websites in chrome mobile so you almost never have to type out the passwords except when you first set up your phone.

Overall lastpass works great for me and allows me to have much safer passwords that I just wouldn’t use if it did not keep track of them for me.

My Google account password is long, but not 64 characters long. To make up for it, I use two factor authentication. I also use two factor on Microsoft, Facebook, Dropbox and other sites. If it’s a new android device where I don’t have access to my old one, I can use one of the emergency codes to get in and set it up, which I then generate a new batch to keep

I make passwords that I need to type often short and I use the LastPass option to not use ambiguous characters.