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Hi guy. First time I write a post so let's see how it goes.

Once upon a time there was an android launcher that changes the black background of the navigation buttons to match the color of the app your using. So if you were using facebook instead of black you got a dark blue.

At that time (about two years ago) I didn't have an android phone so I didn't download it or anything, just thought it was cool. But now a have moto x and I been trying to find it again, but a can't remember the name of the launcher, the developer or anything at all, so it's been really hard for me to find it.

I would appreciate any information you guys have of it.

My understanding is that you can only do this with a custom ROM such as Paranoid Android.

I really donít think that exists. You either have to have it built into the OS, or have your device rooted. I think you have to change framework settings in order for that to happen.

Never though about it but sounds awesome. Google should allow developers to chance the navigation bar color inside their apps.

I use Apex Launcher. I donít know if this feature is possible with Apex because my HTC has buttons below the screen proper. It is an excellent and highly customizable launcher though.