View Full Version : What reader app do you use on iOS?

I am looking for a good Reader App for my iPhone. I use Google Reader on a daily basis and have been looking at some apps in the App World Store but some of them you have to pay for. I don't want to have to pay for a couple to see which one is the best. LoL So I ask the community here at Verge, What is the best one? Any help would be appreciated.

Reeder. Syncs with Your Reader account. It’s excellent.

Thanks I will give that a try. That was one of the ones I was looking for but it is $2.99 and did not want to buy it until someone recommended it.

I absolutely cannot recommend Reeder enough. Great app that I recommended to all of my friends.

I’m the same. I first bought it on iPad, and skimped out by using the web app on the iPhone and desktop.
Previously I had used NetNewsWire (I don’t recommend it), but what made me switch to the mobile web app was the fact that I didn’t want to hang around waiting for it to sync all the time. Handily, Reeder seems to sync a lot faster.
Eventually, I succumbed on iPhone and OS X too. I love the Lion full-screen integration of the OS X version.