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Hi all,

I wanted to share here my Last.fm redesign I've done as a part of my final bachelor exam at my University, where I decided to redesign and rethink the service on how it looks and works, since its really in need of redesign.

I'm long time Last.fm user, so it always bugged me how the site looks and even more sad with their mobile apps. For this concept I decided to rethink the service and focus it more on music streaming to make it on par with Spotify and Rdio while keeping the same functionality as the current site has.

Project contains design for Web/Desktop, iPad, iPhone and Android.

You can check the whole project with more information on my Behance or on my Dribbble

Hope you like it!


Looks like you put a lot of work and effort into it, kudos.

Yeah, few months :) Thanks

Impressive! To me this looks like elements of Spotify, Rdio, and Beats squashed together.

Thanks! Sure, I wanted to put it on the same level so there are lot of similarities, but even with that I tried to make it its own.

P.S. I started with it before Spotify redesigned its design :(

Hey, no actually Graphic Design, but I happened to learn UI design along the way as well, so I most of my freelance jobs are mobile apps and everything digital.

As far as creating UI you just need good idea, good UX and Photoshop/Sketch.
It all depends on what device/platform are you doing it for :)

Check out www.dribbble.com for some other designers