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Hey guys, simple question here.
Don't know if this has been asked before (I tried searching). Anyways. I was listening to the mobile podcast live today and I had to sit through those God awful ustream ads (I know, what an inconvenience). I read through the previous comments on the past podcast posts and people mentioned using an adblocker to fix this "issue". I was wondering which extension I had to use along with the browser, Chrome would be my go choice but I don't mind using firefox or even IE. I tried using adblock plus with Chrome but that didn't work out well, I still got like 3-4 ads. Any tips?
Thanks for the help and

I think AdBlock on Chrome is better supported than plus at the moment, or seems better to me! For Firefox Adblock Plus never failed me!

With Ustream?

Only on Mozilla, not Chrome, but yeah. Blocks adverts for iPlayer also (if your from the UK that is)

No offense, but how do you expect Ustream to make any money while they provide you with free, live, bandwidth- intensive video content? I’m not a fan of the ads but they’re like 30 seconds and they’re a business and not a charity. It shouldn’t be so much of a burden that you need to find a workaround. I wouldn’t even consider them anywhere close to the most annoying ads that I find at many sites.