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I downloaded the trial version of Photoshop CC but because of various issues, haven't been able to use it so the trial has now run out. I want to continue trying the trial before paying so I decided to uninstall CC and then install it with a different account (Photoshop has already been removed from the computer). However, when I reinstalled CC and opened it, it still says that photoshop is here and that I need to pay in order to continue using it. Is there anyway around this?


I’m not sure about this version or if you’re using Windows. But in previous versions of CS on Mac there was a file you could remove that stopped the programs from phoning home to Adobe.

My guess, and it’s just a guess, is that Photoshop CC has somehow ID’d your computer to Adobe and is now using your IP address or something to stop you from creating infinite accounts and just reusing the trial.

I’m using this on Mac-I’ve asked some other people in person and they answered the same thing. Guess there’s no solution :C

I was editing something in CC and I would like to finish editing it before paying-I want to see whether its worth it.