View Full Version : Will Sony become Canon Users best friend?

I just wondered do others think like me? Ergo I felt 3,200 was a very steep price for the 5DS R, in light of its restricted DR, limited low light performance and no 4K video. ( OK doing predominately studio work and outside portraits where I would use fill flash maybe not such a loss for me personally ). When I discovered Canon emplyees could buy this for circa 500, and in comparison to the Nikon 810, it really cemented my views. I Always thought this was a 2,000 niche or speciality camera. Now I see the Sony A7R II at 2,000 42 MPS ( probably an ideal size), with high ISO capability, improved AF, 4K video, presumably very good DR based on Sonys previous sensor technology, 5 way active image stabilisation. Due out in August! It really makes me wonder ....... Will a lot of people wait to see what the 5D4 will offfer ref increased DR and better low light performance, and 4K Video??? Couple that restraint on the "must buy it now" fever with the timely Sony offering, and the intrisinc exceptionally low mfg cost of the 5DS R ..... It makes me want to wait for an inevitable price crash of the 5DS R?? My gut feeling is this camera wont fly out the door in bucket loads, and retailers will drop the price to 2,700 in a couple of months and then 2,500 within 3 months. Add a new 42 MPS , 4K video Nikon 810 replacement at circa 2,400 and the 5D4 arrival. It would not surprise me if the 5DS R could find itself priced at 2,300 within 5 months. Anybody else think I could be right.? Well the logic is steering me to sit on the fence for a few months.

It's only a matter of time before I ditch all my canon bodies. As is, canon sat idle too long, and I got to taste the nectar known as the A7r, and now I can honestly say that Sony offers a product even more comprehensive than my ideal camera. My mind was pretty blown TBH, can't recall a camera body so complete. I have always wanted IBIS, but in the past, there would always be some sort of qualifier, like smaller sensor or lesser sensor, ect. Silent shutter, 4k, largest viewfinder, eye focus servo, phase detect through adapted lenses, backlit sensor, 500k shutter rating, that's just the icing on the cake.

Yeah I saw the 500,000 shutter count - hmmm even the 1DX doesnt hit that!