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I've been using the Fuji X-T1 now for a year. There are some things I love and some things I don't, but it's the things I miss from the 5Dc that don't seem to exist currently on the Fuji system that bug me the most. I'm going to list my main pros and cons for each system, mostly just thinking as I write, for my own sake. Maybe this chimes with someone else? Canon 5Dc w/fast 50mm Pros (the things I really miss while being on Fuji) 1) Full frame DOF 2) Sheer number of good quality affordable compatible lenses 3) Fuji colours are nice, but the Canon colours have a different more pleasing quality to them. 4) So easy on Canon to pick a focus point, as quick as a flick of the joystick - about 3 button presses on the Fuji Cons (why I jumped ship in the first place) 1) Viewfinders do not remotely help when trying to use manual wide aperture lenses 2) An end to mis-focusing shots - the on sensor detection ensure focus before releasing shutter 3) Lack of 'toys' - those things you get from an EVF, the levelling display, the auto rotate, the camera app... all of which I've never used! Fuji X-T1 w/35/1.4 Pros (the things I enjoy that I couldn't do with the 5Dc) 1) Less obtrusive, smaller size, electronic shutter etc 2) ISO noise much lower at equivalent ISO and colours coupled with Photo Ninja are pleasing and easy to manipulate. 3) More pixels (that was pretty much a given, whatever I replaced the 5Dc with) Cons (the regrets) 1) Major headache getting used to PhotoNinja. Never have used Lightroom, but was a diehard DPP user. Naturally, lost that. 2) Battery life is abysmal. 3) Cannot use DXO Optics Pro - I've never used it, but saw a demonstration at a trade show and was blown away. 4) The control layout is no longer unfamiliar on Fuji - but it is definitely not as quick to drive as the Canon. 5) While the body is smaller and lighter, it means my hands are cramped around it and find it uncomfortable. The hand grip is GBP 100, which is frankly ridiculous for some mass-produced machined aluminium. 6) I've stuck with two of the smaller lenses, but the latest beast being released by Fuji are no different in size and weight to Canon's FF offerings. If I switched back, I'd be selling off the X-T1 with a 35/1.4 and a 60/2.4 macro. I'd be looking for a used 5D2 or 6D, with probably a 50/1.2 if money stretched. Saying that, I got on very well with the 50/1.8, some of my best shots ever with the 5Dc and 50/1.8 combo. I have a pile of SD cards now, which is frustrating for me to have to change back to CF. Anybody else been through this thought process?

I have not been through the same thought process but I have looked carefully at the 6D as a second (landscape and general use body) to compliment my 1DX. Whist the specifications of the 6D are fairly basic these days it does combine a very nice sensor with a light and affordable body. Much as I liked my 5D (original version) the 6D is in a different league in most respects. The sensor resolves much more, I am not talking about the higher MP, it drags out much more detail with good lenses - perhaps somewhat more than you would expect from 8MP more than your 5D. The ISO performance is in a different league, only bettered by the 1DX in the Canon range - and then not by that much! For manual lenses you may have to resort to Live View (5D didn't have it) but with it you can get exactly the focus you want. You should have a play with one first as no camera exactly fits anyone's need, but I think you will be impressed. I don't know what type of images/subjects you are after but I would suggest you have a look at the Canon 16-35 F4 L IS and Canon 24-70 F2.8 L 2. The 24-70 is just the Dog's dangly bits for a single lens for general photography, I hear the F4 version is pretty good too.

I voted "stick with the Fuji", because I personally think the pros outweigh the cons (and you're going to get a biased opinion from most users on this forum, it's still predominantly Canon user based), but I would actually recommend looking into a Sony a7 of some variety. Yes, they cost a bit more, but you can use all the Canon FF lenses you mentioned as well as just about any other lens you can imagine.

Buy a 6D & 50 STM. Done. And in no way expensive. I've found the AF on the new STM quick, accurate & consistent. As you noted, there's plenty of good quality reasonably priced EF mount lenses out there. I've toyed with going Fuji or Pentax, probably moreso Pentax, but the overall Canon system keeps me hooked.

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It's interesting which threads people lurk in - this thread has seen almost exclusively pro-Canon comments and I posted the same message in the Fuji section - which has seen more 'different tools for different jobs' answers. I am very much leaning toward the 6D and 50/STM - I do miss the ease of getting to the controls of the Canon bodies. The only worry with the 6D is that it doesn't have the rear joystick, but I suppose I can cycle through the points using the back button and scroll wheel.