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I just noticed and realized after a random youtube video that Sony a7r's have eye focus and tracking. For those of you that have it, does it work well for portrait work the eye focus? I think it also works for certain lens only? Also for tracking where it focus on a subject eg. say a running baby across the frame it will track it. I don't think my 5dmk3 has this feature? or am I wrong, I believe the AI SERVO locks one focus point not moving across focus points? I could be wrong on this one thanks in advance

Good read on Canon's use of multiple focus points.

it works with native lenses and works ok. It's based off of face detection, it has to detect the face first before it detects the eyes. This only works in single shot mode, absolutely no tracking, and tracking in general, sony doesnt do a good job unless you're shooting with bodies that have phase detect, like the A7 and A7ii. Supposedly servo locks on subject. You can find vids of this demonstration on youtube as well.

oh that's a great link! I just figured out what I wanted, ai servo with 61 point af and it tracks my moving subject! Not too sure why it took me so long to figure that out!! I don't think the 5dmk3 does face focus detection or eye detection

It does in Live View! Never used it though...