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Im not sure how many designers are on this site so perhaps im not in the right place:

I am new to the Freelance world of Graphic Design. The biggest biggest problem I have is a hard time coming up with concepts, and how to come up with unique ideas. How to get that unique logo. When I look at other peoples work I say to myself I can design like that but I cant think of that or come up with that concept.

Is graphic design skills in the sense of the creative aspect something you either you have or dont?? Can it be taught????

Are tutorials in software something that can be valuable to do, or after a while do you forget them after a while because you dont use them for a long period of time??

Are there any sites that are setup like BC that are more geared to just designers?

Thank You!!!

I'm not a graphic designer, but a 3D modeler and I can say that the most helpful thing for me is deciding on a style before I decide on a final design. For example, if I was to build a fictional airplane, I would first develop a 'style' for the faction it represents. If it's the warlike faction, then I make the airplane with jagged details and pointy points that point, as well as making it look cruel and crude, for example having a red-black and smoky exhaust instead of a blue exhaust.
So I'd say, if you have a 'final product' in mind, like my airplane, think of a style, then apply that style to each of the parts. I'm not sure how I can help you with a more abstract image like a fractal, but if you have a real-world object that you're trying to make, or even a logo, start with a style and the 'message' you want to convey.
Puma, for example, has a modern but 'standard' look, while Air Force logos are aggressive and have sharp lines.
Also, think of the emotions associated with the product. The difference between a luxury car and a sportscar is the lines: the luxury car will have smoother lines, to appear more sophisticated, while a racecar has sharp lines and bold details to reflect the confidence of the driver.

Yeah that definitely helps. I just think I worry about it to much, i probably need to sit down away from a computer, or go for a walk and think of stuff. Then like you said apply it after i know it, rather then trying to brainstorm on the fly.

I just look at logos and say how do they think of that, I think some people just have it and some dont

ive been using photoshop and stuff since version 7 now were om cs5 - i just use it at the prepress/printing end of things since thats the trade i am in, I just need to learn more about effects

thanks a lot, im hoping a few more people have some advice

Doodling might help. Even if you're pretty terrible at drawing, you might come up with something you think that might be pretty nice.

Tutorials for a lot of people are really helpful. If nothing else, they teach you some new tools and things that you never knew were in the program, and they're fairly likely to be remembered and used later, in different contexts.

What program are you using?

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I'm going into the field and I know what you mean! For me it's that there's so many options that I have no idea where to begin. The easiest thing is to think about what and who you're designing for. Usually if you come up with key descriptors or adjectives about the company you'll end up with plenty of options but still have it narrowed down to a few things. Say you were designing for a new vegan restaurant called Lean Green (catchy, I know). What things make us think "vegan"? Well the first thing I think of is vegetables. Now, you could give them a corncob but that's a bit unappealing.. I'll go with a leaf since it's green and also makes me think of vegetables (namely Spinach!). Now comes the font.. sans serif or serif? Well since it's going to be a traditional upscale restaurant, I'll go with a nice serif. Now, to make it even classier I'll space out the letters to give it that really elegant look and this is my final product:

This is the one I made back in class (a couple months back)


This is the one I made just now


They're both viable options. In the first one I made sure the text was all close enough together that it was cohesive and also was kept together by using the leaf. In the second one I made the leaf much smaller and used it more as an accent and used the lower case G to nestle "vegan dining" next to it. Since there isn't too much room I kept "vegan" and "dining" close together but made a visual break by italicizing.

I hope I helped!