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This is a very recent problem with a laptop. Message along the lines of"Support Assistant has encountered a serious problem and has stopped working". Googled the quoted message, found so many posts on various forums with the same problem that I decided to come here to pose the question, "does anyone know if HP have come up with a reliable fix for this problem". Almost all posts on all forums come up with "uninstall and download new version", but it would appear that this solution rarely works.

Hi -
Yes a well discussed topic, so I looked at the logical results.

Try changing the compatibility mode to windows 7 on the Hp support assistant application shortcut on the desktop and then right click and run as administrator and it "should work".

Others had the same issue and now its working fine.

Beyond this, it seems to be a Win 8.1 problem only (not Win 8), so follow their forum for updates -

Good Luck -

Thanks for your input, but I have no HPSA shortcut on my desktop. But I have just found 6 x sp68201s on searching for SA. And what's the chances of meeting another person with the same problem as I have? Must be millions to one and yet I just have. Took the laptop to our local computers repair shop and discovered that the guy next in line has been trying for months to get his HPSA up and running again. Anyway, we lost a bit of faith in our local guy who simply said, "sorry guys, if HP or Windows can't sort out this problem after 3 or 4 years, then what chance have I?".

Do I really need HPSA?

You do not NEED hpsa running, you certainly don't NEED it running in the background at all times, but some of it's features can be useful for on demand use, and when a computer is new you should use, as soon as possible, it's feature to make some recovery media , just in case you have problems in future.

Personally, after making the recovery media I disabled HPSA entirely (via some disabling of startups and services), but keep it installed incase I ever do need any of it's features.

The error message you mention "Support Assistant has encountered a serious problem and has stopped working" sounds just like the error message you get when any other program crashes during use, have you tried restarting your computer and seeing if HPSA starts running again? Or have you already tried thsi and failed.

Note that you can tell that HPSA is running by looking at the details tab of task manager and seeing if hpsa_service.exe is listed, if it is then hp support assistant is running in the background.

Note that you do not need a shortcut to open hp support assistant, you can search for it's exe file (buried in a folder somewhere) and run that, or you can use the windows "windows key"+"r" run coomand (though you need to know the filepath for the program for that to be possible, you can find this file path from browsing around in your folders.). You can right click the file when you find it in it's folder and choose compatibility options from there if necessary.

If you were desperate to get HP support assistant running again you could use recovery media (did you make any when the computer was new?) or a system image (a better type of recovery media which lets you take your computer back to an earlier state, did you make a few of these when the computer was new?), but use of those would likely erase all your files and leave you having to reinstall all your programs again, so this would be a lot of effort to fix a program which is not crucial for your system to function.

Personally, I would suspect that it was an update to HPSA which caused it to go wrong and do this.

Just after I turned off the task manager, the pop up appeared again. However, this time, I did not click ok, I just left it there and accessed the task manager again. IT WAS STILL SHOWING THAT HPSA WAS RUNNING,!! How could it have stopped working and yet running at the same time? Tried to use the snipping tool to show both popup and TM at the same time but couldn't get the free snip to draw the outline.