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There are many reasons why printer A may be cheaper than printer B, it's not neccessarily that printer B is just making more profit which some people tend to think, it can be as a result of many things, such as...

1) Printer A specialises in this particular product, finish or printing method.

2) The quote is not like for like as the method of production is different (digital v litho).

3) The quote is not like for like as the printing method is different (digital v cmyk v spot colours).

4) The quote is not like for like as the quality/weight/finish of the stock is not on a par.

5) Printer A may have less overheads to Printer B. As a result it could be that printer A has a 15 year old press that produces rubbish and Printer B has invested heavily in top of the range kit.

6) The product in question is a loss leader to draw customers in, who's going to compete with a price where there is no profit!

7) The printer/reseller may be sourcing the product from overseas (namely Eastern Europe/Germany).

8) The job is more suited to a B1 press than a B2 press.

9) Printer A has the volume to batch print where printer B doesn't.

10) Printer B may outsource some of the finishing where printer A can do it in-house.

Just a few reasons off the top of my head, hopefully they will enlighten some of you and obviously feel free to add some more if you can think of any...

so true!!
Its amazing how many "estimators" dont even know their true costs.
Guess thats why so many printers go bust...

We fall under answer 1. We thought about what services people most wanted and limited it to what we believe are the core requests for online document printing. We could have filled our pages with hundreds of options but this would have slowed down the ordering and more importantly, the production times.

Having done this, we can work fast and efficiently meaning we can offer prices usually much lower than our competitors.

I believe the best online sites (not just printing) are those that have a clear aim and specialise in what they do best.

We've gone a totally different direction and i think more t shirt printing companies should do the same.

100% transparent pricing, all published on line.

Sure, sometimes it's nice to alter a price when you either need the deal (for slow months), or you think the client will pay more.....

But consider this:

- Apart from gaining an email address for future marketing (and there are other methods for this), dealing with a lost or unqualified quote is costly in time, cash and other opportunities. Transparency ensures better leads

- Discounts come right off the bottom line and out of directors profit

- Turnover based sales targets with fluctuating prices is the road to ruin, even the most virtuous sales rep is bound to start thinking about number 1

- Varying prices make for bad data. Systematised catalogue and print prices can be analysed much better in CRM's like salesforce and Zoho and tested with a complete picture of the pricing.

We've noticed a huge change in the way the business operates by going transparent. The sales team feel more confident because the price has been agreed to in the heads of the client, before they are on the phone. It now becomes a customer relationship exercise and sales targets are based on:

How much repeat business is being delivered
What are the quality of the client relationships
etc etc

It's easier for those of us selling that printing to our clients for the pricing to not keep changing on us. IE we don't want to have to recheck the price every single time we quote a client, it's just making it all the more labourious to have to do that constantly.

All pricing should be readily accessible online (again, I don't want to spend time phoning and getting quotes for something every single time I quote a client, I want easy and quick access to the information without waiting) and it should not change radically all the time each time I look.

It's about making life easier for the people buying the printing, because it's about ease of service as well as prices. If it's easier (ie good customer service), they will be more likely to come back again for more.