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This is something I want to check before I start designing logos and charging peanuts for the work.

In the past I have designed logos for a client, charged say 100 for it and given them the artwork to use as and when they like. I have had a chat with a friend who said I should be getting paid every time the clients use my logo. This is where I've been more creative than businesslike, it's down to my ignorance really. Shouldn't the tutors have explained this in art college? http://forums.freelanceuk.com/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png

Anyway, I now believe I should have sold them the copyright for the logos for a lot more money. Is this correct?


I would assume that if you sold them the copyright to your work that they would not have to pay you for it since they now owned it. I'm not quite sure though.

Hi Adam, thanks for the reply. :bye

I think the problem has been my not specifying what rights I have sold clients. In future I will make sure they know they can use their logo on anything but must pay a more reasonable price to do so.

Well for starters of course. 100 is a very reasonable price for selling a copyright of a logo design. But it is much better to raise it a little higher in order to gain from your unique talent. Just an opinion.

I personally think 100 is way too low for a professionally designed logo. Surely time-wise you'd spend at the very least a day on it, probably more like 2 days with all the research, concepts, phone calls/emails and tweaks involved? So the price should reflect this. Once the client has paid for it I would consider it theirs to use as they wanted.