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My colleague where i work now has suggested a website for beginner graphic designers to professional, its is Find Freelancers - 84,055 Freelance Jobs on PeoplePerHour.com (http://www.peopleperhour.com/) this is worth looking at if any of you are new to the design process and quick and easy way to build up cash if u need it.

It doesnt just do graphics there is web design, marketing, programming and some others.

The cancer of the design industry.

It may well be good for beginners, but it's shoddy for everyone else. Whys that you ask? Because now you get every business or company posting their briefs on sites like that, looking for the quick cheap option.

I have had serveral well paid jobs from this site. I would say it is good to build up a profile on PPHour as it goes into a lot of detail etc and this gives people the option to see exactly what you can do e.g. 5 years exp with indesign etc and you can link online stuff and put portfolios etc on it.
However as printbar said you get so many people wanting a cheap job some times it laughable.
I would just say dont get tied down to applying for loads of rubbish job posts, however after my first day of regisatring I got a lot of companies ringing me for inteviews after seeing my profile.
Good Luck!

If you live in a country where 200 can feed a family for a month, then that's fine :) In my opinion this site and other sites like PPH (odesk, elance, freelancer.com, etc.) is a SLAVERY!

well like I said before dont waste your time reading all the crappy job posts for 2 for a 68 pg brochure and getting anrgy about it. I don't live in a country where you can feed a family for a month on 200 (although I think if pushed I could, I'm quiet thrifty!) I live in London and get paid a decent wage, maybe I was just lucky. (but I didn't bid for these jobs people saw my profile on pph and contacted me.)