View Full Version : where to go to learn to program for iOS and Android?

I want to learn to program for both platforms but have virtually no experience. I know computers but not at this level. I am looking for some resources to get myself started, any ideas? Thanks

iOS uses Objective C, which I do not like very much. I would start with Android first, since I find Java a lot easier. Check out developer.apple.com for some really good documentation. Also, you need a Mac to create an app the official way ( download and install XCode if you do). There is also Appcelerator (HTML, CSS and JS for code. I haven’t used it) and Rubymotion (it lets you code everything in ruby, but compile it for speed, which sounds really promising, but I haven’t ever tried it).

For Android go here: http://developer.android.com/tools/index.html and download the kit. There is quite a lot of documentation on the site. Oh, and Android uses Java. There is an app on the play store called “AIDE” which lets you code and run apps on your device, check it out!.

I would recommend starting small, instead of jumping into a huge project. Keep it realistic and simple, or you will quit. Also, learning and understanding the language before you start coding for the device is really helpful.

Thanks speed_demon, for the comprehensive answer. That gives me a lot to check out in my spare time. I tried briefly getting into android last year, but I tried to take on too much at once and got overwhelmed and quit. Your advice is imperative, speaking from my own experience! And thanks OP, for posting this in the first place because I had, more or less, the same question.

My cousin works with a few languages, mostly with Windows though and has a photo editing app for Windows Phone. He suggested to me getting a better understanding of programming in general first before worrying about specific languages to learn, which I also read, I think, on Lifehacker maybe – basic syntax, workflows, and so on. I’ve been a member at Code Academy for some time but procrastinated with it, so lady night I started working with python through them. It’s pretty simple, and painfully easy to understand sometimes too much, but apparently great fit beginners. They have java script but not java or objective c from what I saw. I’d like to learn java eventually but I’m hoping this will be a good place to start. If anybody could way in on that method of just learning something before worrying about specifics or about the quality of Code Academy, I’m all ears. It seems pretty legit so far