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I listen to a ton of podcasts. Some audio, some video. Some long, some short. I always did my podcast listening in Apple's Podcast app, but I recently made the jump from iOS to Android and needed a new solution. Not wanting to spend any money on apps right away, I tried out BeyondPod, and thought it was just alright. After a week or some of managing my podcasts through BeyondPod, I decided to give the popular Pocket Casts by Shifty Jelly a shot. I was sold instantly. The app looked great and performed great (my only issue being the size of the rewind, pause, and fast forward buttons on the play screen).

In the mean time I tried a few other podcast listening/watching apps in the Play Store, but none lived up to the quality I had come to expect due to my time spent with Pocket Casts. Then, coincidentally, during all the time I was spending thinking about Podcast apps, Marco Arment, formerly of Tumblr and Instapaper, revealed his plans to create a podcast app called Overcast. Marco has some pretty strong feelings towards podcasts and the apps people consume them through, which should make for an interesting result in him creating an app that he would use. Things such as streaming and video podcasts will not be supported (at least right away) by the app, which makes it a no-go for me (oh yeah, and the fact that he isn't making an Android version...) but I'm interested in the final result, nonetheless.

So despite my inability and lack of interest in using Marco's app, it got me thinking about the nitty gritty details of podcast apps. So I figured I'd come to the forums to see what you all look for in a podcast app, what apps you use, if Overcast is of any interest to you, etc. Sound off in the comments!

(Photo taken from Marco's post about Overcast, found here.)

Pocket Casts for Android and iTunes for W8 and OSX (I know, I know). There used to be glaring disparities in the various podcast app features but now they’re (mostly) at parity in regards to auto-delete, holding a pre-determined back catalogue, refraining from blowing your data cap, etc. I’ll be open to trying a new podcasting app but Pocket Casts is pretty damn good.

I’m trying to get into podcast with my iPhone, is there any way to try Pocket Casts or Instacast? I don’t want to buy both just to decide which one is better.

Perhaps the only reason to go with Instacast is that you’re also running the Mac app- allowing you to sync between devices. But if you use only on the phone/tablet, I’d recommend Pocket Casts.