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Just wondering if you guys could give me some feedback about my logo design, its for an animal charity.
Im a bit stuck on what colours to use, what do you think?

Thanks for you time


Hi i think what you have done with the text works gr8 but im not to sure on the rest of the design it seems pointless to the title unless you can explain what it is ?

I like the design, im guessing that the design is meant to resemble some sort of paw print, i like the idea of that.

To me the logo seems to have a lot of space, have you considered making the logo tighter? I'm no expert though, thats just my opinion. I do like the idea though. :happy

I would use only one colour and 2 different tones. Definitely no more than 2 different colours. You need to choose a colour than would represent the animal world. I wouldn't use any bright colour.
Think about which animals does the charity work for. Dogs, cats, birds for the city? Sheep, cows, horses for the countryside? both? think on their colours and you might find it.

good luck!

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I would suggest that having a logo in a single colour is easier to print. I would suggest that whatever colour you choose it is designed with CMYK colours and not RGB. Printers generally like to receive logos in CMYK and these are true representation of what will be printed.


Am I correct in thinking you have brought together a hill, paw print and the letter A?

At the moment I feel it lacks character or charm. I would study paw prints to see if instead of going so abstract you can bring it closer to being more authentic, It will allow people to relate to it better. Caring for an animal is based on emotions so it's essential that the logo plays on this as much as possible.

Colour wise I would definitely tone it all down, try something a little more sophisticated and warm.

Keep posting as I am sure everyone will help you.