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I recently posted for help with a book cover I was trying to put together and I thank those that shared with me their suggestions. I am basically finished with what I am doing, but I would like to tweak it a little more. I was wondering if anyone would have a simple quick tutorial for a broken/shattered Glass Text? Thank you!
If anyone is interested to see where I am at so far click the link below, click Download File and click Open.

Here is a link for "free" Gimp instructions.
And also Photoshop instructions below.

Thank you GB for the links. Thank you Martel I will take look. Sorry you could not open. It is a Paint Shop Pro (PSP) program, maybe that is why you cannot view it. Do you have PSP? I could convet to JPEG, but would not know how to post here. All I see here for an Image posting is URL. Thanks again people for your help.

I'm not sure if it is the version of PSP I am using, but when I try and follow any of these tutorials they get to a step that doesn't seem to be there. I know it is there, but it is probably found in a different manner. I am using PSP Version X10. You could try and share the steps you took (if you don't have to go way over board). I do not want you going way out of your way on my account. I'm thinking once I get this broken title matter accomplished I am doing the back cover, which should be simple and it's ready to go. After this I plan on doing a lot of learning because I would like to do web, (which I have a little knowledge with) Flyer, Business Card and other design projects to make a living. I would like to be doing this within the year. I pray this happens anyway.
Okay Softeyes, have a great weekend.